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Untapped Potential

Well, this is awkward that I haven't posted anything for about half a year.

Sorry about that, life really cranked up 110% percent, so that happened.

But anyways, here is a new post for you all!

Since I live in the Vancouver, BC area, I’ve noticed a ton of “workers wanted” signage practically everywhere since our area is still in the midst of the housing crisis and tons of employers just cant find workers, and I think there's a serious talent pool that I think may solve these woes. Hire inclusive.

Yup, I said it, hire inclusive.

Why? Tons of would-be employees with diverse needs are finding it difficult because the perceived fear of having a boss discriminate or look the other way as the boss would assume "that the employee just can't be employable", which is silly to be honest since we ARE employable, look, I have two fantastic part-time gigs and it's keeping me busy and I'm always out, never home, and that's how it should be!

If you are an employer looking to find employees, please hire inclusive. I know plenty of people who are actively seeking to find employers who are willing to try, so yeah, give it a shot.

That's all what I have to say, until next time (and hopefully not another half a year), ciao!


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