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Pacific Autism Family Network


Dec 2016 – present

Richmond, British Columbia  

  • Represent the PAFN in certain capacities

  • Welcome new families to our building if they are coming in for the first time and show them to the service provider if they are seeing them.

  • Directing families/workers in person or on the phone to the service they need either through us or one of our partner tenants.


Canucks Sports & Entertainment

Retail Sales Associate

Sept. 2018 - present 

Vancouver, British Columbia  

  • Helping fans with what they are looking for.

  • Carry stockage to/from Team Store or retail stand in Rogers Arena concourse.

  • Help with Vanbase orders during non-hockey related events e.g. concerts.

  • Making sure if a certain product needs to be restocked.


AIDE Canada

Operations Associate

Nov. 2020 - present 

Richmond, British Columbia  

See Together Media

Production Assistant

Jan. 2018 - Feb. 2018 

Vancouver, British Columbia Area

Worked with STM as a part of Go Group with PAFN

  •  Helped producer with aligning schedules for participants

  • Contacted some companies for location and filming dates.

  • Helped on set with some set preperations.

  • Contacted participants directly for availability for filming dates via email or phone.

Gary Gates Sales

Clothing Wholesalers

Nov. 2015 - Nov. 2016

Vancouver, British Columbia

  •  Packing and unpacking stock, shipping to retail customers

  • Filling customer's orders via computers to ship

  • Dealing with customers at trade shows




Blazin' Soccer Dogs FC


Apr 2008 - present

Vancouver, British Columbia

  •  Coach soccer players with diverse needs

  • Raise awareness for our club.

  • Run club's social media presence and website.

  • Emcee Night to Remember galas in partnership with PAFN and the Down Syndrome Resource Foundation.

  • Helping kids on the field achieve their absolute best.

Voices of Autism


October 2016 - present

Vancouver, British Columbia Area

Involved with public speaking engagements.

Consult with outside organizations to help promote awareness and acceptance of autism and related disorders.

As a secondary duty as a Community Liaison, I openly connect with other organizations to see if they would like to help contribute to allow VOA to work towards becoming a national movement across Canada and beyond.

Pacific Autism Family Network


Dec 2016 - present

Vancouver, British Columbia Area

As a PAFN Ambassador for the Richmond Hub, my role is to represent our Hub in outside events e.g. sponsorships, information sessions etc., as well as representing the organization with our GameChangers partnership with BC Place, the BC Lions and Vancouver Whitecaps FC.

In my off hours, I organize monthly social clubs at the Hub for nuerodiverse teens and adults to connect and meet other likeminded individuals to help them develop a friendship outside of the centre.

Canucks Autism Network


July 2018 - present

Vancouver, British Columbia Area

  • Help with setup and take down for events

  • Run activities during CAN events


Board of Directors

September 2020 - present

Vancouver, British Columbia Area


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